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Dar-Ma's Diary is a book in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


It is in the upper level of the Moslin's Inn, during the quest "Shadow Over Hackdirt." The first turn to the right will show a completely ransacked room with objects spread across the floor.


[This is apparently the diary of a young Argonian named Dar-Ma. Most of the book deals with personal but mundane details of her life in Chorrol. The only interesting entry is the last one:]

Arrived in Hackdirt after dark, due to Blossom throwing a shoe on the way -- the road was REALLY rough! Hardly more than a track -- doesn't anyone else ever come down here?!

The trader's shop was closed, and she wouldn't come to the door even though I could see a light in the upstairs window -- RUDE!!! But at least this inn was open (although the proprietor is kind of creepy -- kept giving me these weird grins when he thought I wasn't looking -- ugh.) And what's wrong with his face??

Seems like I'm the only one staying here tonight. I didn't see much of the town since it was already dark, but I admit to being kind of spooked -- but I'll never admit that to Mother! Or she'd never let me go on another one of these deliveries. She still thinks I'm just a baby (she would probably say "hatchling," and in front of my friends too!) Remember to ask her about the creepy innkeeper when I get home.

Well, the candle is almost burned down (they don't even provide a lantern in this horrible old inn!), so I guess I'd better try to get some sleep. If I CAN even sleep with all the creaking in this old place! I keep thinking I hear footsteps outside the door, I'm so on edge -- GROW UP, Dar! I'm sure in the morning it will all seem quaint and charming. Good night, Diary!


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