"Want to hear a Khajiit joke?"
―Dar Jee[src]

Dar Jee quote

Dar Jee is an Argonian who is the second fence available at the Thieves Guild. He lives in Leyawiin and can be found stealing food from the Five Claws Lodge publican Witseidutsei at the aforementioned inn or at his home, just northwest of the castle entrance.

He tells an amusing (or offensive) Khajiit joke. He will still tell it even if the Hero is a Khajiit.


"I'm Dar-Jee. I'm a Khajiit in disguise. Want to see me lick my butt? Hahaha! That one never gets old!"

Leyawiin "Want to hear a Khajiit joke?"
No. "Oh. No sense of humor? Your loss."
Go ahead. "Why do Khajiit lick their butts?"
Why? "To get the taste of Khajiit cooking out of their mouths! Hahaha! A real tigh-slapper, that one, eh? Phew. I heard lots others, only I can't remember them."
I heard that one. "Oh. Well. I heard lots of others, only I can't remember them."


"Are you looking for a fence?" —As a fence


  • Dar Jee is the second fence the Hero will unlock during the Thieves Guild questline.
  • Dar Jee has three bottles of skooma stashed in his house.
  • The door of Floyd Nathans house in Blankenmarch is owned by Dar Jee. The fact that their houses are identical indicate that it was copied and pasted.


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