"Isn't he cute? We are going to be closer than ever now."

Dariah is a Redguard residing in Sentinel, Alik'r Desert. She can be found in her home with Ferhad, her husband. She will not appear until the Vestige talks to Unishi during the quest "Monkey Magic.


Monkey MagicEdit

Dariah is at home with her drunk husband Ferhad. She is waiting for Vestige give her the Unishi's Potion.


"What is it? My husband has just returned home from the tavern. He is very hungry. If I don't prepare his dinner quickly … well, I simply do not have time to chat right now."

I'm here with the potion you ordered from Unishi. "Oh, praise Zeht! I've waited so long. I asked Unishi to make me a potion that will make my husband kind and loyal. I hope it works."
Here you go. [?]
Are you sure you know what this potion will do? "Oh yes! Unishi told me exactly what to expect, and I think it's going to be wonderful!"
It's all yours then.

Both dialogue options end with you giving her the potion.


She and Ferhad proceed to have a conversation:

Ferhad: "Where is my meal, woman?"
Dariah: "Coming right away, dear."
Dariah: "I hope this works."
Ferhad: "It's about time. This better be good!"
Ferhad: "This tastes ... different than usual."

Ferhad then turns into a dog.

Ferhad: "What-what have you done to me? You witch!"
Dariah: "Quiet down, Ferhad! And Sit! There. Good dog."
Dariah: "From now on, if you want a biscuit, we are going to have some new rules."
Ferhad: "Mmmmm. Mmmmm. I have a feeling I'm not going to like this."


  • Dariah will disappear along with Ferhad after the Vestige delivers both potions.


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