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Not to be confused with Darien.
"Darien talks of nothing but wine and women, but behind his bluster he's a better tactician than his father."
Alinon the Alchemist[src]

Darien Gautier is a Breton captain of the Camlorn Guard, residing in Camlorn, Glenumbra. He is the son of General Gautier, and is first met in the Camlorn Chapel. It is later implied that he is romantically interested in Gloria Fausta, and possesses a form of precognition of viewing future events.

Darien Gautier plays a large role in the questlines of the regions of Glenumbra and Rivenspire, helping the Vestige first in Camlorn with the Town Guard before retiring from service to travel on his own.

He is later found at the Hollow City in Coldharbour, where he has joined the ranks of the Fighters Guild.

After his disappearance he can be found in Summerset, having become Meridia's champion and wielding Dawnbreaker.


Covenant Quests[]

A Lingering Hope[]

General Gautier believes his son Darien, the captain of the Camlorn Guard is still alive inside the city. He hopes to use Darien's master key to unlock the Camlorn gates. Then the Lion Guard can surround Faolchu's werewolves and retake the city.

The Fall of Faolchu[]

The Vestige stand with Captain Gautier and the rescued camlorn citizens. The time to retake Camlorn from Faolchu has arrived.

Mists of Corruption[]

Sir Lanis and the Knights of the Dragon are ready to march into Cath Bedraud to deal with Angof, but the mist from Angof's vines creates a hazard they can't overcome.

Darien and a group of Camlorn Guards is rescued by the Vestige inside after they marched into Cath Bedraud without protection from Angof's barrier. Strangely, Darien is also not poisoned by the mist unlike the Vestige who used the Midnight Talisman.

The Labyrinth[]

The final battle against Angof begins now. The Vestige needs to get inside and navigate the labyrinth of catacombs to find a safe place for Gabrielle and the soldiers to teleport into.

Angof the Gravesinger[]

Darien was sent into a different part of the crypt than Gabrielle and the others. He discovered from a Bloodthorn Cultist that the Vestige need three shard-keys to open the three looks that protect Angof's inner sanctum.

The Road to Rivenspire[]

After the events of Stormhaven, the Vestige runs into Darien once again at Oldgate in Rivenspire, no longer a soldier but an adventurer and sellsword who currently works for Countess Tamrith. He updates you on the situation in Rivenspire and the civil war between the three noble houses.

Shornhelm Divided[]

Darien directs you to find Count Tamrith in Shornhelm's chapel, who is holding off an assault from Baron Wylon Montclair.

The Parley[]

Darien eventually joined the Fighter's Guild and is hired along with a contingent by Queen Arzhela to oversee her protection during the tense negotiations between the Kingdom of Evermore and the Imperial invaders for the fate of Bangkorai.

Coldharbour Quests[]

The Weight of Three Crowns[]

Darien appears in a minor capacity during negotiations in Stirk.

The Army of Meridia[]

During the assault on Coldharbour, he can be found in the Fighters Guildhall once King Laloriaran Dynar has been rescued from the Lightless Oubliette. He has assumed command, being the only noble-born there, however once spoken to, he will agree to give Dynar a chance.

The Final Assault[]

Darien, along with Cadwell and Skordo the Knife, is one of the companions you can choose to accompany you into The Endless Stair.

Personality and traits[]

He is shown to be very confident and capable at times, as well as flirtatious and lighthearted. For example, he is capable of seducing a Montclair Captain for information. Even when preparing to fight Molag Bal in Coldharbour, he takes the time to fantasize about beautiful women.


The Parley

"Aha! I thought we were in for a bit of easy coin with this job until the queen said you were coming along. Now I know to expect danger. Bring it on though. If the plan goes awry, that just means we get extra hazard pay."

What exactly is the plan? "For us, it's just sticking by the queen. If the Magnus-General starts chanting, we go for the windpipe. If things really go to Oblivion, we'll be shielding the queen until Gabrielle can get us all out of there."
I understand. "I can tell you this much—with all due respect for the royal guard—Queen Arzhela could not be any safer than she will be under my protection. I look out for the ladies, you know … queens included."
How have you been by the way? "I've seen some ups and some downs. You know how it is. Life hasn't been a slog through a poisonous swamp, nor has it been an endless night in a complimentary bordello. Main thing is that I'm still on this side of the dirt."
Show: The Road to Rivenspire

"What do we have here? I think I see a fellow lover of adventure, and I'm betting it's no accident that you're headed this way. Am I right? Have Rivenspire's troubles become your troubles too?"

Yes. King Emeric sent me to help restore order. "Ha! Easier said than done, I'm afraid. But I'm glad to hear Emeric gives a damn. We thought maybe our dispatches weren't getting through. I was about to walk to Wayrest myself, but you saved me that trouble. And I suspect you can help me further."
Show: Shornhelm Divided

"If you haven't noticed, Rivenspire's caught up in a civil war as bloody as old Ranser's rebellion. This time, it's Baron Montclair. He's apparently decided he'll be the King of Shornhelm whether the rest of the noble houses like it or not."

Baron Montclair started the civil war? "Sure did. Bastard bribed the city guard, attacked the other nobles, and seized half of Shornhelm. Now Montclair's troops are all over, and the Shornhelm Guard's getting its buttocks kicked. So? Want to help me save the kingdom?"
All right. You can count me in. "Think of the glory! It'll be just like Ranser's War! We'll rescue Rivenspire and the women will swoon. It'll be great! You'll see. Go on to Shornhelm's chapel and tell Countess Tamrith I recruited you to the cause. I'll be along as soon as I can."
Why did Montclair decide to attack now? "What makes tyrants do any of the things they do? Ambition? Glory? I certainly don't know. What I do know is that Montclair's forces have taken half the capital and will soon take the rest of it unless the Shornhelm guard gets some help."
What else can you tell me about Montclair himself? "Baron Wylon Montclair. Not much to say really. Before this, he shared rule with two other noble houses, Dorell and Tamrith. Countess Tamrith says they were never very close, but she certainly wasn't expecting him to start a war."
What have you been doing since we last met? "A little of this, a little of that. Lending my sword to just causes, flirting with the ladies. I've drank in every inn and tavern between here and Glenumbra, and I beat my friend Skordo at card every chance I get. It's great to see you again!"
Who is Countess Tamrith? "She's the head of one of the noble houses. Young, but smart and very devout. I'm told she studied in Stormhaven, and has Emeric's favor. She's not unattractive either ... but she is my current employer, so I try not to notice."
What happened during Ranser's War? "It was quite the talk of Tamriel at the time. Surprised you don't know about it. It was over ten years ago. Our beloved High King insulted King Ranser of Shornhelm over some minor indiscretion. Ranser reacted poorly and declared war on Wayrest."
It was an actual war? "If you can call it that. Lasted about a year. Just long enough for Emeric's troops to get a little exercise. When it was over, Ranser was dead and peace was restored to the kingdom. The triumvirate of nobles has been running Rivenspire ever since."
Show: The Blood-Splattered Shield

"This? It's merely a flesh wound! Think nothing of it. I'm worried about Captain Janeve, though."

What happened to the Captain? "She caught sight of Reezal-Jul and rushed after him. I, of course, followed. His vampires surrounded us, and while I was fighting them off, the good captain was dragged away. They took Janeve into that cave. Hurry! You need to save her!"
What about you? "I can barely stand. I'd just slow you down. I'll send reinforcements your way—if any show up, that is."
I have some questions. "I can't believe a blasted vampire actually got a decent cut in on me. But I was pretty busy trying to protect Janeve. The House Tamrith sisters are both brave and good women. Please help Janeve if you can."
Why was the camp caught unawares? "The Shornhelm soldiers were diligent enough, but I think that thrice-damned Argonian used magic to mask their approach. They moved in so quickly and quietly, that a good third of the camp was down before Janeve and I could react."
Are you sure that Razeel-Jul came this way? "Oh, yes indeed. If I could get my hands on that damn lizard, I swear I'd make a pair of boots from his hide. And then I'd put them on and stomp through troll poop! The people in the camp were just villagers. Now most are dead, poor bastards."
Show: Northpoint in Peril

"I was wondering when you were going to show up. Want a bite?"

What's going on here? "Reconnaissance! But keep your voice down. No need to wake the good captain. And now what I learned? There's not a single guard in Northpoint. Not a one! Lleraya ordered them to get out and keep everyone away."
Is that all? "Isn't that enough? I was fairly proud of that big of espionage. But you're right. There's more. The good captain here let slip that there's a smuggler's tunnel. Leads right into the heart of the city. It's our best option for getting inside."
Show: The Lightless Remnant

"I'm trying to talk some sense into the Countess. She needs to abandon all this Light nonsense and start trusting in herself and her own abilities. Besides, she's much too pretty to hide her head inside a prayer book all the time."

And how's the talk going so far? "I think I'd have better success coaxing an ogrim into my bed! The Countess won't listen to a word I say. She's convinced that religion is the answer to all our troubles. After this, I'm done with House Tamrith and beautiful nobles!"
Thank you for seeing this through to the end. "Wouldn't be the first time I did something crazy, now would it? I'm in this until the end. After that—well, I'm sure something else will come along."
Stop crying and pull yourself together. We need you. "Do you see any tears in my eyes? No? I didn't think so. You don't have to worry about me. I've got plenty of options for companionship. Take Gwendis, for instance. She might be a vampire, but she's got a great set of... um... fangs."
[Persuade] You're too good for her. She can't see a good thing when it's right in front of her. "[?]"

After Montclair is beaten:

"Look, everyone! We've got a survivor!"
"You actually survived the destruction of the Doomcrag? That's ... remarkable. I mean, I've seen you do some amazing things. I'll never forget our adventures in Glenumbra. But to walk out of a collapsed mountain? That's really impressive."

Verandis teleported me to safety at the last moment. "That persnickety vampire really came through in the end. He was a good man ... for a vampire, I mean. We won the day, and that's what matters. The people of Rivenspire are safe now."
I see you managed to get everyone out of there. "Just barely. We made it out right before the damned mountain came crashing down. I still don't know what kind of magic you did up there to defeat Montclair, but remind me never to get on your bad side."
We should get back to Shornhelm. "Before we go, you need to talk to Gwendis. She's not taking this well. I even tried my sad face. It usually works, but she almost bit my head of. Anyway, we'll see you back in Shornhelm."


The Parley

Before leaving the parley site:

Darien Gautier: "Can't you cast any faster, Gabrielle? The Imperials can. More portals opening up!"
Gabrielle Bernele: "The portal to Evermore … go, Your Majesty, go!"

Upon return to the palace:

Darien Gautier: "That … could've gone better …."
Gabrielle Bernele: "I didn't think I had another portal in me … glad I was wrong."
Queen Arzhela: "Well … at least some of us survived."

Gwendis' Freedom

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The power is dropping! Gwendis, are you all right?"
Gwendis: "I ... I did it. I resisted! I didn't feed. Wait, what happened to the nobles? Did ... did I remember wrong?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "They're fine. Merely unconscious. I'm proud of your restraint, Gwendis."
Darien Gautier: "What's going on in here? Is the Countess all right?"
Skordo the Knife: "Damn it, Darien! Slow down! Wait for me, you long-legged bastard."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The Baron and the Countess are fine. But you both arrived just in time to move them to safety."
Darien Gautier: "Take them out? But we just got here. We want to help take down Montclair! Neither of us had a good fight in ... well, it's been at least a couple minutes."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "No, Darien. This battle is not one that you and Skordo can win. Leave Montclair to us."
Darien Gautier: "But ... but ... oh, very well! But I get to help take down the next would-be world conquerer we come across. Deal?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "As you wish, brave Darien, as you wish. And now, my friend, the time has come to face Montclair."

End of the Doomcrag

Darien Gautier: "All right, everyone. Let's gather up our injured and get out of here."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Darien's right. There's nothing left for us here. We need to return to the High King and let him know what happened."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Mage, we need a portal. To Shornhelm, if you please."
Northpoint Defender: "Of course, Baron. Only take a moment."
[After opening the portal]
Northpoint Defender: "The portal to Shornhelm is open, my lord."


  • "What brings you to our pleasant little city? The war? The blood? The thrice-damned werewolves?"
  • "Welcome to Rivenspire! Land of beautiful women and an ugly war!"
  • "Have at thee, foul creatures!" — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Well, that's never happened before. Look out! Behind you!" — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Watch out, they're coming out of the woodwork!" — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "I lost track of the Baron and the Countess when I heard the innkeeper scream. But I was too late. He gave me the key to the inn before he died. I think he tried to tell me something, but oculdn't make it out. Be on your guard. Here comes more of those monsters." — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Thanks for rescuing me. Just so you know, this isn't a usual occurence. Oh, who am I kidding? This happens to me all of the time. Can I assume the house you emerged from is our safe location? Of course it is. I'll just wander over and have a little lie down, if it's all the same with you." — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Damn it, Countess! That stings! Stop smearing me with your religious ointments and creams!" — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Gah! What is that stuff? It smells like church! Keep it away from me!" — During "The Liberation of Northpoint"
  • "Never fear, the amazing Darien is here!" — During "Puzzle of the Past"
Show: The Parley
  • "Clear! Take up positions!" – In Nchu Duabthar Threshold
  • "Ambush! Defend the queen at all cost."
  • "Can't you cast any faster, Gabrielle? The Imperials can. More portals opening up!" – Before Gabrielle Benele opens the portal back to the castle
  • "I had a feeling that was going to end in blood—I didn't know it would be like that, though! I feel bad for my guildmates." – After escaping the Nchu Duabthar Threshold


In his journal, Darien describes having visions of the Planemeld occurring and undead rising in a number of cities, long before any of those events happen. He also describes the landscape of Coldharbour and mentions a mysterious "bright light" a number of times.

During the quest The Final Assault in Coldharbour, speaking to Darien after entering the Planar Vortex will reveal that he has been having visions of the realm ever since he was a young boy. He mentions having a different dream regularly, where he sees an extremely bright blinding light and waking up in a room made entirely of light, and the dream ends. Later on, when anchors in the Vortex are destroyed and Molag Bal's inner council is defeated, Meridia will bring out one of her Lights and create a protective shield for those still in the Vortex. Darien and King Dynar will be outside of it fending off Molag Bal's soldiers, and after Vanus and Gabrielle's teleportation spell is cast, you and everyone in the shield will be transported to the Chapel of Light. Speaking to Dynar, Vanus, and Gabrielle will reveal that none of them saw Darien get inside the shield, leading them to believe he disappeared, with no one knowing where he went.

The book A Plea for Help, found within the library of the Temple of Ire in Orsinium, is written by Darien and addressed to you. He is trying desperately to reach you and does not know where he is or whether he is even alive, all that he knows is that he is surrounded by bright white light, which he believes may be the Colored Rooms. Alinon the Alchemist appears at Scarp Keep, saying he was hoping to meet Darien here.[1] In Anvil, Gabrielle Benele will be researching what happened to Darien, and assumes that since he was not found dead and did not come back, he simply returned somewhere else. Telling her of the aforementioned note will lead her to know where to look for Darien. In the Clockwork City, The Grand Prognosticator tells you a prophecy of things to come and mentions a "Golden Knight," possibly referring to Darien.

While aiding the Psijic Order during the events of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, the Vestige encountered Meridia's champion, a being called the Golden Knight who wielded Dawnbreaker, on several occasions. After the Golden Knight was captured by Mephala, the Vestige spoke with Meridia and she revealed that her champion was Darien. The Vestige was able to rescue Darien from the Spiral Skein, and he aided them in foiling Nocturnal's scheme to remake reality using the Crystal Tower, though Nocturnal's Champion, Veya Releth, stole and corrupted Dawnbreaker.

When Darien and the Vestige entered Crystal Tower to confront Nocturnal, they were confronted again by Veya. Though they were able to defeat her and reclaim Dawnbreaker, Darien had to sacrifice himself to purge Dawnbreaker of Nocturnal's corruption. The Vestige then wielded Dawnbreaker against Nocturnal and used the artifact to restore the Crystal of Transparent Law at the summit of Crystal Tower, thus foiling Nocturnal's plan once and for all.

After the events of "A New Alliance," the Vestige can overhear a guard talking about a teleporting book in Alinor Royal Palace. The book is written by Darien, revealing that he has found himself once again in the Colored Rooms and that his light is fading and he fears he will cease to exist soon, while also wishing farewell to the Vestige and warning them not to trust Meridia. [2]