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"The Dark Brotherhood are loyal followers of Sithis, God of Death. They are sworn to uphold the tenements of Chaos. They are vicious foes to those who would follow the roads of Law, often patrolling outer paths and byways for unwary travelers. It is said that the Brotherhood does not associate with any other group, contesting that even the Necromancers are not true to word of the Dark God. They instead work towards what they call a pure form of Chaos. Few have faced them and escaped with their souls intact."
―Description in Arena manual.[src]

The Dark Brotherhood is one of many possible factions the Eternal Champion may encounter in The Elder Scrolls: Arena as a part of procedurally generated side quests. Unlike later games in the series, it is not possible to join them.

Rival factionsEdit

Random encountersEdit

When the Eternal Champion is attacked by one of the above-listed members of this faction, one of the following messages will play, changing depending on the form the encounter has taken:

  • "The [encounter] is one of the traditional emissaries of the Dark Brotherhood. You know the orders are to kill you swiftly ..."
  • "Crossing the Dark Brotherhood is sheer idiocy, and one look at the [encounter] and you know that is exactly what you have done."
  • "The loyalty of the servants of the Dark Brotherhood is legendary. You know the [encounter] will never yield or grant mercy to foes."
  • "Immediately you know the Dark Brotherhood sent this [encounter] to kill you. Something in the eyes, something merciless ..."
  • "There can be no doubt the Dark Brotherhood sent the [encounter] after you. The servants of the Dark Brotherhood are legion."


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