"You say you've been attacked by assassins? From your descriptions, it sounds like the work of the Dark Brotherhood. I'm not sure who you angered, but stay away from me. I suppose this could be officially reported, though. Speak to Apelles Marius in Ebonheart about this matter."
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Dark Brotherhood Attacks is the first quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. The Nerevarine is attacked during their sleep by a member of the infamous Dark Brotherhood, and must take steps to find out why.


  • Go to sleep or rest.
  • Report the attack to a guard.
"I think I saw him walking the battlements. You might check up there."
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The Nerevarine will be attacked during their sleep by an unknown assailant. Killing the assassin will begin the quest and a note appears in journal, guiding the Hero to any guard.

Reporting an AssassinEdit

Talking to a guard about this mysterious assassin will shock the guard and he will tell the Nerevarine about the Dark Brotherhood, and then direct them to Apelles Matius, an Imperial inspector, who arrived to Ebonheart from mainland Morrowind.

Apelles MatiusEdit

Nerevarine travels to Ebonheart to find this inspector. After arrival they will need to find Matius, who is patrolling the bridge that leads to the Grand Council Chambers. Matius will inform the Hero that the Dark Brotherhood has been inactive for a long time in Vvardenfell, but there are large active groups on the mainland of Morrowind. He will, then, advise to talk with Asciene Rane about transportation to Mournhold. She can be found inside Grand Council Chambers.

The Nerevarine must ask Rane about transportation to Mournhold. She will agree to help and say, that when they want to return to Ebonheart, they should speak with Effe-Tei in Mournhold.


Upon their arrival in Mournhold, the Nerevarine should talk to any Royal Guard about Dark Brotherhood. They will inform them that there are rumors that Dark Brotherhood have a hidden base under Great Bazaar. The quest finishes after this dialogue.


Dark Brotherhood Attacks – TR_DBAttack
ID Journal Entry
10An attempt was made on my life as I tried to rest. I do not know who wishes me dead, but the attack should probably be reported to a guard.
  • Quest accepted
20One of the assassins had an odd dart on his body, the look of which I've never seen before.
30A guard has told me that my attackers were likely members of the Dark Brotherhood, and that I have been targeted for assassination. He suggests I speak with Apelles Matius in Ebonheart for more information.
40Apparently, the Dark Brotherhood does not have a large base of operations here on Vvardenfell, but has a very large contingent in Mournhold. Due to the Blight, no residents are allowed to travel to the capital city, and all visits are made only by the special order of Duke Dren.
50I've been told to speak to Asciene Rane in the Grand Council Chambers about transport to Mournhold.
60Asciene Rane has agreed to transport me to Mournhold. If I wish to return to the mainland, I should speak to Effe-Tei, an Argonian Mage in the Royal Palace. When I arrive, I should speak with one of the Royal Guard for more information about the Dark Brotherhood.
100I've been told that the Dark Brotherhood is rumored to have a base in the ruins of Old Mournhold, accessible through the sewer system in the Great Bazaar. I've been warned that I enter there at my own peril.
  • Quest complete


  • On PC, this quest can be activated from the very start of the game (as long as The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal is installed).
    • On the Xbox version, the quest will not activate until the Nerevarine reaches level six.
  • The assassins, attacking Nerevarine, are leveled enemies, armed with leveled weapons starting from Silver Dagger to enchanted Adamantium Shortsword and, according to player's level, may attack in pairs, thus becoming a serious danger even for experienced adventurers.
  • Once The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal is installed, the assassins will not stop attacking the Nerevarine during their sleep, until the attacks are reported to Apelles Matius. Until then they will provide the Nerevarine with continuous supplies of expensive Dark Brotherhood armor and enchanted weapons. This can be used to make a large amounts of money, even at start of the game.
  • The Royal Guard in Mournhold will not speak about Dark Brotherhood if Nerevarine's reputation is too low. Persuasion and bribes are advised.

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