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For other uses, see Dark Guardian.

Dark Guardians are a type of Skeleton creature. They have greater soul value (1200). They appear in Fort Farragut, and a respawning one can be found in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary.


One can be found guarding the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal, which is non-hostile, and he is counted as a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Killing him will result in expulsion from the Dark Brotherhood unless he is killed during (or after) the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Purification."


  • After "The Purification," the Dark Guardian can be killed without fear of being expelled. The Dark Guardian respawns after being killed after an indeterminate amount of time (a day or more) and can be killed multiple times without ramifications. He always has a leveled weapon and a leveled shield, making him a decent source of money.
  • Sometimes, if one enters Fort Farragut as part of a routine exploration of ruins, the Dark Guardians will all be found dead on the floor. In this case, they can easily be stripped of their weapons and armor for great profit.