Not to be confused with Dark Magic: Three Pretexts.

Dark Magic is a Sorcerer skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate skillsEdit

  • Negate Magic: Dispels enemy magic effects in an area, enemies who are spellcasting within the field are silenced and take additional damage.
  • Suppression Field

Active skillsEdit

  • Crystal Shard: Dark crystals are gathered and forced on the target, knocking the target down.
  • Encase: Dark shards erupt from the ground, immobilizing enemies in front of the player.
  • Repulse: Nearby enemies are knocked backwards and snared for a short duration.
  • Rune Prison: Seals an enemy within a runic prison. Imprisoned enemies are disoriented, but benefit from increased health regeneration while affected.
  • Dark Exchange: Channel dark magic, restoring the player's Health and Magicka at the cost of Stamina.
  • Daedric Mines: Summon 3 mines in front of the player. The mines take a few seconds to arm themselves, after which they immobilize and deal magic damage to enemies who touch them.
  • Shattering Prison II

Passive skillsEdit

  • Unholy Knowledge: Reduces the Magicka and Stamina costs of all skills.
  • Blood Magic: Hitting an enemy with any Dark Magic skill heals the player a small amount.
  • Persistence: Increases the duration of all Dark Magic spells.
  • Exploitation: Increases the player's critical strike chance when attacking a target affected by Dark Magic.


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