Dark Welkynd Stone

Dark Welkynd Stones are offensive versions of Welkynd Stones that act as traps. They are designed to protect Ayleid Ruins from intruders and will use leveled elemental spells indefinitely to eliminate them.

Dark Welkynd Stones look like dark red, double tetrahedrons, always floating over a pillar. It is not possible to pick up nor damage or disable them, attacking will have no effect.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Dark Welkynd Stones can use all the three types of elemental damage, however, one can use only a single type of spell, a Dark Welkynd Stone will never use two or all the types.

It is possible to hide behind a solid structure and avoid being harmed. 

The spells are leveled, which means the damage made is entirely proportional to the Hero's level, as the graphic below shows.

Level Damage
Level 1–5 10 points
Level 6–10 20 points
Level 11–15 35 points
Level 16–20 70 points
Level 21+ 110 points

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

While an ordinary Hero tries to avoid being harmed, mages that possess the Absorb Spell enchantment, specially those who have the The Atronach birthsign and cannot regenerate Magicka, can use Dark Welkynd Stones to their own profit. The spell released can be absorbed, restoring the Hero's Magicka. The quantity of Magicka restored is also leveled, which means that the graphic above also is valid for this strategy.

It is also possible, with some maneuvering and timing, to get the stone to hit an opponent who is between the stone and the Hero.

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