Darkfall Grotto is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is a large cavernous area that can only be accessed from the Forgotten Vale.

Notable itemsEdit

After acquiring the amethyst paragon by defeating a frost giant in the Vale, the Dragonborn will be able to use the paragon platform to access a previously inaccessible section of Darkfall Grotto, which is a small spire located beneath the main waterfall. On top of the spire, there is a chest with random loot (usually high-level gems).


After dropping into the lake, on the right side of the waterfall, there is a small camp where feral Falmer have apparently killed the resident Falmer. They are accompanied by small numbers of chaurus hunters.


  • The initial way to access Darkfall Grotto is by falling down the waterfall located at the south-eastern end of the Forgotten Vale's frozen river; after falling down that waterfall, the player will be taken on a short water-slide-esque "ride" through the caverns. This function of fast-moving water in a dungeon was the result of the Skyrim Developer mod week, when one of the tests involved a moving-water dungeon. The water slide eventually leads out into the large cavern in Darkfall Passage.
  • When going down the water falls/slide in the above with Serana, she comments, "Next time I tell you not to go down the waterfall, listen to me."


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