Silvia, a prominent member of the coven.

The Darklight Tower Coven is a coalition of witches, hags and Hagravens in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Their coven can be found at Darklight Tower, an old fort in the southern parts of The Rift. The guards of Riften may point the Dragonborn to the Darklight Tower, stating the fort is home to necromancers

Rise and fall of the covenEdit

It is unknown when the coven was founded, but what is known is that its members settled in Darklight Tower and performed wicked arcane activities. When a member of the Darklight Tower Coven completed their Hagraven Trials, another member of the coven was supposed to capture a human sacrifice and kill them in front of the trial-passer.

When the victim was killed and some incantations were muttered, the graduate would transform into a Hagraven. This grisly practice continued throughout the group's existence until a member of the coven, Illia, rebelled against the faction.

When the Dragonborn first arrives at Darklight Tower, they witness Illia killing a fellow witch. After the witch lies dead, she starts a conversation about her mother, Silvia, who is going to be transformed into a Hagraven. If accepting Illia's offer to stop the transformation ceremony, the Dragonborn will start the quest "Repentance." After the conversation, the Dragonborn assists in killing all the members of the Darklight Tower Coven, who guard the way to the ceremony. Once the Dragonborn reaches the top of the tower and kills Silvia, the coven is wiped out.



Repentance can be started upon entering Darklight Tower and discovering the Imperial Mage Illia killing a fellow witch. After the fight dialogue is available with Illia in which she will request your help in dealing with the witches and hags of the Darklight Tower Coven and ending their foul ways.


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