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{{Dark Brotherhood Quests Oblivion}}
{{Dark Brotherhood Quests Oblivion}}
[[ru:Вечная тьма]]
[[ru:Вечная тьма]][[de:Ewige Dunkelheit]]
[[Category:Oblivion: Side Quests]]
[[Category:Oblivion: Side Quests]]

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After several successful quests proving the Hero's loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood, Vicente Valtieri will offer them the "gift" of immortality, in the form of Vampirism.

Note that if the Hero has forfeited the bonuses of several Dark Brotherhood contracts, Valtieri will not offer the quest.


Simply talk to Valtieri and ask to become a vampire. He will instruct the Hero to sleep anywhere in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. When they do, they will awake with Porphyric Hemophilia, the disease that eventually causes vampirism.

Refusing the offer will not fail the quest. It will remain in the journal, permanently available as long as Valtieri is there to offer it.

Continuing the Dark Brotherhood quest line will eventually lead to the quest The Purification, which requires the Hero to kill all Dark Brotherhood members in the Sanctuary, including Valtieri. Of course, there are other methods of contracting Porphyric Hemophilia, but Valtieri is unique in that he can infect the Hero even if they have previously cured themselves of vampirism.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

As a reward for my loyal service to the Dark Brotherhood, Vicente Valtieri is willing to turn me into a vampire. If this is my wish, I should speak to Valtieri about the Dark Gift.

  • Update: After accepting the Gift:

I have accepted Vicente Valtieri's offer to turn me into a vampire. The next time I sleep in the Sanctuary, Valtieri will visit me and pass along the Dark Gift.

  • Update: After sleeping in the Sanctuary:

Upon awakening, I discovered two bleeding pinpricks on my neck. It would appear Vicente Valtieri did indeed visit me last night, and pass along his Dark Gift! If what Valtieri told me is true, my vampirism will begin to manifest itself in three days, after I sleep once more.

  • Update: After asking Vicente Valtieri about a cure:

Vicente Valtieri believes there is a cure for vampirism. If I wish to investigate further, I should speak with Raminus Polus, a mage who has done some research into the subject. I can find him in the Imperial City, at the Arcane University.

  • Update: If Vicente Valtieri dies before becoming a vampire:

Vicente Valtieri is dead. If I wish to become a vampire, I must seek another means of acquiring the Dark Gift...

  • Update: If Vicente Valtieri dies before all information about vampirism is gathered:

Vicente Valtieri is dead. If I need further information on vampirism, I'll have to find it elsewhere...

  • Quest complete


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  •  PS3  Before choosing to become a vampire, players, especially on PS3, should be aware that the cure quest is significantly bugged, and it may be difficult to return to mortal form after transformation. See quest page for details.
  •  360   PS3  If vampire cure is active when completing this quest, it will cause the game to glitch, stating that the Darkness Eternal has not been completed.

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