Darksun Shield is a unique heavy shield used by Ano Vando, who can be found roaming outdoors in the city of Ald'ruhn. If equipped by a vampire it rapidly damages the wielder's health and the following message is received:

You feel a searing pain on your arm as you equip the shield. A voice screams out in your mind, "This is not for your kind, Dark One.


Enchantment ID: darksun_en

All effects are constant on self:


Ano Vando can only be found during "The Vampire Hunter" quest, which is available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine who is a member of Clan Aundae. This shield is otherwise unavailable during regular gameplay.

On the PC, it can also be acquired by using the console command:
Player -> AddItem "darksun_shield_unique" 1

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