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Darkwater Pass is a cave located in The Rift south of Darkwater Crossing.


The cave is linear and has two entrances, both of which appear on the player's radar. However, only the eastern (lower) one appears on the map. Both are beside pools in-between waterfalls and both can be approached by paths leading eastwards off the track from Ivarstead to the bridge just south of Fort Amol.

The path to the eastern entrance leaves the track at the hairpin bend closest to the road near Fort Amol. More excitingly, it can be approached by heading north-northwest from Snapleg Cave, using the Become Ethereal shout to survive the drops.

The path to western (upper) entrance is marked by a cairn, several corners further along the track towards Ivarstead.


The cave appears to have been used as a tomb, and several chests and burial urns can be found throughout. There are two tripwires linked to "claw" traps, one of which can be instigated by a lever on the wall below it. In a side room there is an arcane enchanter.

Derkeethus, possibly captured by the Falmer, is discovered trapped beneath a grating. In a small crevice in the northeastern wall nearby there is a lever that opens a hidden door, allowing access to him. A Darkwater Pit key is placed on top of a burial urn inside the cell.

The pool outside the western entrance contains a skeleton with low level armor, including iron boots. It is easy to find but difficult to search due to the strong current. A hefty rock has been chained to the skeleton's leg. Close by there is a knapsack.


Wind and Sand[]

Darkwater Pass is one of the locations in which the book Wind and Sand may be located.

Extracting an Argonian[]

Derkeethus, a fisherman from Darkwater Crossing, has been captured by Falmer and needs help escaping Darkwater Pass.

Arniel's Endeavor[]

Darkwater Pass is one of the locations in which the courier's corpse bearing the Keening may be located, in the same pool Derkeethus is found.

Notable items[]




  • If Ralof is followed in the quest "Unbound," afterwards, he tells Gerdur he was captured near Darkwater Crossing.
  • Darkwater Pass is one of the few places with Nord barrow architecture inhabited by Falmer.


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  •  PC   When falling down one of the waterfalls, if the Dragonborn backs up, they will still appear to be underwater even though they are actually not.
  •  360   XB1   Darkwater Pass may stay undiscovered on the map, even after it has been cleared. It also says cleared on the map, but teleporting there is impossible because it is still "undiscovered." confirmation needed