Darumzu was one of the longboats used by the Five Hundred Companions during the Return.

Background[edit | edit source]

Darumzu was made by shipmakers of Jylkurfyk at southernmost Atmora, who were inspired by Ysgramor's stories of savage elves. It was named after a favored star of their heavens.

It was assembled shortly before the Day of Final Passage boat was put under command of captain Ylgar, who was in fact son of the legendary Ysgramor himself. Its crew consisted mostly of the wise war-teacher Adrimk's students, most of those who hadn't earned their names yet.

During the voyage to Tamriel, known to Nedes as "Mereth," Darumzu was caught in the Storm of Separation and was separated from the rest of the fleet. However, the boat sailed out of it safely and arrived at Hsaarik Head just a bit later than the rest of the fleet.

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