For other uses, see Dasek Moor.

Dasek Moor is a fort off the Gold Road south of Kvatch, on the West Weald side of the regional border with the Gold Coast. It is listed on the world map as a mine, but that is misleading. Marauders have taken up residence here. A chest lies partially hidden above the entrance.

Plants are plentiful in the area, and Morning Glory can be found spread among the ruins. A log to the southeast where the uncommon Emetic Russula, Elf Cup, and Cinnabar Polypore mushrooms grow.


  • Dasek Moor – Large first floor.
  • Dasek Moor Maleboge – The location of the marauder warlord.
  • Dasek Moor Tombs – Marauders are fighting with the undead in this part of the tomb.


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