Not to be confused with Dawnbreaker.
"Dawnbreak is a sty, a place more fit for watering horses than raising a family. And Sinyon has turned out the fool. Yes. I warned him about Estre and this Veiled Heritance. Queen Ayrenn is the rightful heir. It's our duty is to follow her command. Until Ayrenn fails us, my faith lies with her."

Dawnbreak is a town located on the island of Auridon, Summerset Isles. It is one of several cities that Ayrenn visits during her tour of Auridon. It is said to be a sacred town of Meridia, the Daedric prince of life, and is therefore named after one of her artifacts, the sword Dawnbreaker.

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To Dawnbreak[edit | edit source]

Discover Dawnbreak.

Through the Ashes[edit | edit source]

Help stop the Daedra from invading Dawnbreak, and save five citizens (Fasaran, Elannie, Almion, Mirkalinde, Pirtar).

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