Dawnstar Barracks is a building in the town of Dawnstar that serves as the base for the Dawnstar Guard.


Dawnstar BarracksEdit

The barracks consists of two floors. Downstairs is a small dining and melee practice area with stairs leading down to the Dawnstar jail at the rear of the room. Upstairs are the sleeping quarters with several beds and chests and an exit to the balcony.

Dawnstar JailEdit

The jail is a single room affair, with a large cell at the rear of the room. The jailer's area contains several food barrels and two tables, upon one of which is the key to Dawnstar jail (must be stolen). Nearby is an unlocked prisoner belongings chest and a master-level locked evidence chest. The jail cell contains two bedrolls and the Lockpicking skill book The Wolf Queen, Book I, which may be useful should the Dragonborn find themselves locked up for the night.


Notable itemsEdit



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