"It's beyond belief that the Temple keeps me waiting. Don't they realize that it's a courtesy that I'm here?"
―Daynillo Rethul[src]

Daynillo Rethul is a Dunmer located in Vivec City on Vvardenfell. She is an apprentice of Divayth Fyr and a member of House Telvanni.


You're someone of importance? "My twin and I are apprentices to the great Divayth Fyr. I'm here on his behalf, to report to the priests about an incident which occurred near the growth site of his new tower, Tel Fyr."

What happened to Tel Fyr? "A rift opened when we were shaping the workshop below the tower. Master Fyr believes there is a connection to the living gods. He's sure to explore the rift once his expedition is assembled. My sister could tell you more if that interests you."
It does. "You may take this boat to Tel Fyr. Daynea will be there assisting our master. She always was the lucky one. I must stay and wait for my audience with the priests."
Can you tell me more about this rift? "I didn't see much myself. I was evacuated well before the threat could reach me. Many weren't so lucky. I regret I'll be reporting that most of the Telvanni working on the tower died."
Aren't you worried about your sister? "Not while she's with Master Fyr. He would never let anything happen to her. He's very protective of us. I can't speak for the rest of you."
What killed the Telvanni? "There was some confusion on that point. The things coming out of the rift appeared to be constructs, but like nothing anyone had seen. Master Fyr's theory, which is assuredly correct, was that the rift converged with Clockwork City."
That doesn't sound promising for the expedition. "Master Fyr said about a dozen seasoned adventurers would do. Maybe less if they had extensive experience with planar travel, but he thought that unlikely."


To Tel FyrEdit

Daynillo Rethul asks the Vestige for assistance at Tel Fyr, and the conflict at the site of the tower is waged at his arrival.


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