Dead Drop Notes

Dead Drop Orders

Not to be confused with Dead Drop or Dead Drop Falls.

Dead Drop Orders is a series of orders that are given to the Hero by Lucien Lachance, a speaker for the Black Hand. Lucien prefers to remain as hidden as possible and prefers to give out contract orders via dead drops. They are pieces of parchment containing the target for assassination and the location for the next drop and the reward for completion of the hit.

Dead Drop Orders 1Edit

The Dead Drop Hero Hill

Hero Hill.

Location: Hero Hill, in a hollowed out rock
Quest: Affairs of a Wizard
Target: Celedaen
ID: 0002FB3E

Dead Drop Orders 2Edit

The Dead Drop Chorrol


Location: Chorrol at the foot of the Great Oak
Quest: Next of Kin
Target: Perennia Draconis, Caelia Draconis, Andreas Draconis, Sibylla Draconis, Matthias Draconis
ID: 00031B2A

Dead Drop Orders 3Edit

The Dead Drop Castle Skingrad

Castle Skingrad.

Location: Castle Skingrad, the well in courtyard.
Quest: Broken Vows
Target: J'Ghasta
ID: 0002FB3B

Dead Drop Orders 4Edit

The Dead Drop Old Bridge

Old Bridge.

Location: Old Bridge, just south of the Imperial City
Quest: Final Justice
Target: Shaleez
ID: 00030146

Dead Drop Orders 5Edit

Dead Drop Fort Redman

Fort Redman.

Location: In a coffin, just outside the ruins of Fort Redman.
Quest: A Matter of Honor
Target: Alval Uvani
ID: 00030194

Dead Drop Orders 6Edit

Dead Drop Stonewall Shields

Stonewall Shields.

Location: A hollowed-out tree stump behind Stonewall Shields
Quest: The Coldest Sleep
Target: Havilstein Hoar-Blood
ID: 00030195

Dead Drop Orders 7Edit

Dead Drop Nornal


Location: A chest submerged in water in the Nornal ruins
Quest: A Kiss Before Dying
Target: Ungolim
ID: 000301AD

Dead Drop Orders 8Edit

Dead Drop Anvil


Location: A barrel behind Anvil's statue in the pond.
Quest: Following a Lead
Target: Arquen
ID: 0000396B


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