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Dead Drop Orders 8 is the last set of dead drop orders given by Mathieu Bellamont to the Silencer of Lucien Lachance. This is the only order that is not carried out by the Silencer.




Ungolim is dead! Silencer, you have served me far better than I ever could have imagined. Is there no challenge you can't meet? No opponent you can't best? We shall see.

Your next target is a High Elf whore named Arquen. She has been difficult to locate, but you might try asking around the Grey Mare in Chorrol or the Bridge Inn in Cheydinhal.

Like all of your targets, Arquen is a skilled fighter and will not be eliminated easily. When Arquen is dead, I will have your reward and next contract waiting at the next dead drop -- under one of the beds in the Leyawiin Coast Guard station.


Dead Drop Orders
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