"Oh. Sorry. The old memory is not what it used to be."
―Decentius Opsius[src]

Decentius Opsius is an Imperial and the Guard Captain of the Leyawiin Coast Guard. He will offer to tell the story of Torval the Pilot, the "patron saint of Leyawiin."

Unlike most guards he prefers to wear Heavy Armor, along with his Leyawiin Guard Armor. He wears a pair of Steel Boots, Gauntlets and Greaves as well.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Leyawiin "Well, stranger, anyone ever tell you the story of Torval the Pilot, the High Elf who discovered the Niben? The patron saint of Leyawiin?"

You did, actually. "Oh. Sorry. The old memory is not what it used to be."
No, and I'm not interested. "Okay. Just being friendly..."
No. Tell me about it. "Have you seen the statue? It's in the southwest corner of the town. That's the High Elf explorer, Torval the Pilot. Back in the Merethic, he charted the sea lanes and explored the River Niben. Torval sailed all the way from Topal Bay up the Niben Valley. He purchased the Eight Islands...the site of White Gold Tower and the Imperial City...from the beastfolk natives for the secret of literacy. Pretty soon, the beastfolk all knew how to read and write...which was handy, since it made them better slaves for the Ayleids, hahaha."

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • Decentius is supposed to have a unique greeting introducing himself as the captain of the coast guard. However, he uses the standard guard greeting.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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