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"In the Deck Builder, the deck you're editing is on the right edge of the screen. The cards in your collection are to the left.
Select a card, or drag it from your collection, to add it to your deck. Remove a card by selecting it or dragging it out of your deck.
Decks may range from 50 to 70 cards. You can keep adding or removing cards until yours is just how you want it. Once you've decided, select Done."
―Game Terms[src]

Deck is a collection of certain cards in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Decks can have up to two attributes, which makes it harder to have two attributed cards. The Cards are stronger and usually cost more. Decks are made up of fifty to seventy cards, and are made up of four card types:

  • Action – Used to make actions, which are instantly consumed upon being played.
  • Creature – Used to attack, defend, and kill other creature cards and/or the opponent.
  • Item – Used to increase the power or health of creatures, as well as provide various keywords.
  • Support – Used to apply broader effects to creatures or players that are not bound to a specific card, which can be ongoing or only used upon activation, and cannot be destroyed by regular means.

Decks can have up to three copies of a card, except the unique cards are limited one per deck.

Story decksEdit

The Forgotten HeroEdit

The Fall of the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Purchasable decksEdit

Heroes of SkyrimEdit

The following are five Heroes of Skyrim purchasable decks that cost (USD/EUR $/€4.99) or 500 Gold (Legends) each:

Houses of MorrowindEdit

The following are five Houses of Morrowind purchasable decks that cost (USD/EUR $/€7.99) or 1000 Gold (Legends) each:

Alliance WarEdit

The following are five Alliance War purchasable decks that cost (USD/EUR $/€7.99) or 1000 Gold (Legends) each:

Moons of ElsweyrEdit

The following are two Moons of Elsweyr purchasable decks that cost (USD/EUR $/€4.99) or 500 Gold (Legends) each:

Jaws of OblivionEdit

The following are two Jaws of Oblivion purchasable decks that cost (USD/EUR $/€4.99) or 500 Gold (Legends) each:



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