Deep Disturbance is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Something caused the creatures in Xal Ithix's swamps to become aggressive and attack the villagers. The hunter I met in Xal Ithix says if I want to know what's happening in the swamp, I need to talk to Tree-Minder Nexith in his hut.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith.
  2. Place Ritual Potion at Southwest Stele.
  3. Place Ritual Potion at Northwest Stele.
  4. Place Ritual Potion at Northeast Stele.
  5. Place Ritual Potion at Southeast Stele.
  6. Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith.
  7. Go to Hist Tree.
  8. Unearth Daedric Relic at the Stele.
  9. Talk to Daedra.
  10. Go to Ritual Site.
  11. Talk to Aspect of Namira at Ritual Site.
  12. Disrupt Ritual.
  13. Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith.


Distrupt the ritualEdit

Countless minions will be spawned. Run around and use the hand of Namira on the four "bubble mages" in the area.



  • Completes the Xal Ithix objective.
  • The stranglers mobs in the area count towards the 200 plant mobs under the kill nature mobs achievement.

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