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The Deepscorn Prisoner is a captive in Deepscorn Hollow. The Prisoner is primarily designed as a safe and easy way for a Vampiric character to feed. Since he is essentially what one paid for, the "cattle" is in an eternal slumber within the cell. He cannot wake up, nor can he be killed. This affords the opportunity to utilize him in other ways.

Taking advantage of his immortality[edit | edit source]

Increasing in certain skills within the game are a lot more difficult than others, more specifically the combat skills and combative magic spells. Unlike some others that the Hero can do whenever they like (e.g. Illusion skills that one can constantly apply to oneself), combative ones require to successfully land a blow on another being.

Since the prisoner is immortal, one can attack him without fear of killing him, while improving on these skills much more quickly.

In reference to the above it is possible to make him "stand" (though he's still considered sleeping) up if one depleted his health enough times and make him faint, the exact number of times is unknown but this occurs even when one have a low damage weapon and a high difficulty slider (referring to his apparent health regeneration). Be wary of this for "auto" levelling spells and attacks as he can sometimes faint and stand outside of your target range (even going through the wall).

He also seems prone to the same "0 gold" assault charges the worshippers of Peryites' shrine are.

Attacking[edit | edit source]

When attacking him with conventional means such as arrows, fists, weapons, etc., his life bar cannot be depleted. However, due to the fact that destruction spells usually have much more power than that of more conventional means, the prisoner's health bar can be fully depleted.

Once this happens, the body will be thrown off of the bedroll, because of the rag doll effect. The prisoner's response to this is similar to that of any NPC that cannot be killed, in which he will stand up. Since there is not an adequate amount of room for him to do so, he can be sucked right up into the ceiling.

This glitch can be avoided by character placement. Utilizing destruction spells while standing with his back against the rock wall will force his body deeper into the Cattle Cell. The prisoner will successfully stand up, and training can resume. To reset his position to the bedroll, wait for one hour while standing anywhere inside the Deepscorn Cloister. This is also effective to correct the "morph" glitch, if that situation arises.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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