Delfran's Hideout is a location in Hammerfell seen in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. It is featured primarily in the "Rescue Prisoners" quest.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The dungeon is for the most part underground, and the Hero will have to face off with bandits and rats. Some of the bandits, however, will yield in exchange for favors. Throughout the level, there are prison cells where prisoners must be released for the quest. At the end, there are two locked gates requiring keys to access Delfran's throne room, which can be looted from the bodies of Lieutenant Breser and Lieutenant Jolias. Upon entering the room, the Hero must face off with Delfran, who holds one of the Shadowkeys. The Shadowkey can be found on top of Delfran's throne.

There is a chest within the level containing Grell's Letter, which may show one of two messages. Both point to the eventual fight with Pergan Asuul.[1]

Shadowgate[edit | edit source]

The treasure room beyond Delfran's Hideout shadowgate

Delfran's Shadowkey is needed to enter this shadowgate. The area beyond the gate contains numerous enemies, including Umbric Rats and a few bandits. The area is a series of extremely narrow hallways, at the end of the final hallway lies a chest containing the Dusk Dagger as well as Healing and Magicka Potions, and finally, there is 227 gold.

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