Delia Huerc is a Redguard that appears in An Elder Scrolls Novel: Lord of Souls.[1]


Delia had a tight, curly hair and a strong, handsome face. She was around fifty years old at her death.


Fourth EraEdit

Delia accompanied Hierem to Black Marsh. Hierem hired a merchant ship, probably out of pocket, and traveled in disguise so that the Emperor never knew he had travelled to Lilmoth. According to the official report, she died of an illness of some sort after returning back to the Imperial City.

During the Umbriel crisis, Colin and Arese investigated Hierem for plotting against the Emperor Titus I. Colin infiltrated in Delia's former home. It was now owned by a Khajiit rug-seller named Lwef-Dim. Colin encountered a Daedra. The Daedra attacked Colin and it almost defeate him. In spite of managing to banish the Daedra, Colin was badly injured. After fainting, he woke up and he discovered Delia's ghost staring at him. When she asked her about her trip to Black Marsh, she pointed at a baseboard, where Colin found a journal.[2]



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