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Delodiil was a grand Ayleidic city-state located in the Heartlands of Cyrodiil. Delodiil was known to be a progressive city, filled with many promenades, scholars, artisans, and dancers; and was known to have a strong but small military. The people of Delodiil worshiped many gods but none more than Merid-Nunda, who they built a magnificent temple of colored rays in her reverence.[1]

Delodiil was a rival city to the much more militaristic city-state of Abagarlas, in which the people worshiped Molag Bal.[2] The King of Abargarlas vowed to destroy Delodiil and sacrifice all its citizens but when he marched his armies to Delodiil the city and all of its citizens had vanished.[1]



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