"Put on the Feedbag! I'm Delos Fandas. We've got food and drink, and lots of it!"
―Delos Fandas[src]

Delos quote

Delos Fandas is a Dunmer and the owner of The Feed Bag in The Imperial City.


Delos Fandas sells large amounts of ingredients and wine at the "only true restaurant'" in Cyrodiil: The Feed Bag. He only has 50 GoldIcon to buy and sell. Imperial Legion Captain, Audens Avidius, is a frequent patron.


Imperial City "Look. It's big, see. REALLY big. Only way to learn is to walk it. Look at everything, talk to everyone."


  • Delos will give the Hero a copy of Assassination! the first time the player asks him for the latest rumors.


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