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Delyn, better known as Saint Delyn the Wise, was the Patron of Potters and Glassmakers. [1]. Delyn's sainthood teachers benevolence. Delyn was head of House Indoril, [2], a skilled lawyer, and author of many learned treatises on Tribunal law and custom. [3] It is even possible that Delyn had a hand in the Treaty of the Armistice, however this is not confirmed.

Delyn also appears to Baranat in the book Prayers of Baranat, smiling at him from a cloud, and telling him that "before you fight, find out what you're fighting for" [4]

Delyn was considered important enough to have a Canton named after him in Vivec City [5]According to Guide to Vivec, St. Delyn Canton and St. Olms Canton are residence cantons for commoners and paupers. The Temple charges very reasonable rents for comfortable workshops, shops, and apartments, and most of Vvardenfell's crafts and light industry are housed in these cantons. The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise is on the top tier of St. Delyn [6]


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