Fa-Nuit-Hen, a Demiprince.

A Demiprince is the offspring of a Daedric Prince or Daedra Lord and a lesser entity, such as a mortal. While they inherit aspects of their Daedric parent, they are notably eccentric and lack basic characteristics such as foresight, memory, cruelty, or willfulness. Some are given, or acquire, minor pocket realms of Oblivion to rule over. These realms are often considered "bizarre" or "eccentric," even by Oblivion's standards. Some demiprinces are known to occasionally visit Mundus for the express purpose of interacting with mortals.[1]


  • Fa-Nuit-Hen – The Multiplier of Motions Known.[2] Fa-Nuit-Hen owns multiple small realms used as arenas, and is assisted by Tutor Riparius in order to differentiate his dreams from reality.[3]
  • Darien Gautier – Known as the Golden Knight, he grew up largely unaware of his nature and not knowing his mother until he was revealed to be the last Light of Meridia, highly suggesting him to be a demiprince.
  • Demiprince of Pastries, of whom little is known, save that she hadn't been seen for some time circa 2E 582. Sheogorath considers her to be one of the few worthy of wielding his Wabbajack[4].


Most of the following are referred to as the "children" of Daedric Princes, and do not seem to possess the powers that Demiprinces do and are not known to own their own realms (a requirement of being a Demiprince):



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