Demoralize is a spell of the school of Illusion that lowers the target's willingness to attack. The magnitude is the level affected and the duration is how long the spell lasts.

Much like Calm, this spell is useful when you need to take a break from combat to restore health, fatigue or magicka or when taking on multiple opponents.

Demoralize differs from Calm, however, in that successfully calmed targets will stand still or walk around normally with no aggression towards anyone for either the duration of the spell or until they are attacked, but demoralized targets will run in fear for the duration of the effect, regardless of being attacked. If you have a fast character or accurate ranged attacks/spells, then it can be quite easy to attack the target as they flee. To balance this, Demoralize costs slightly more magicka than Calm, but neither are as expensive a spell as Paralyze (nor as powerful).

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