"This effect temporarily increases a humanoid's flee rating (i.e., its inclination to flee from an attacker). The effect's magnitude is the value of the increase of the flee rating. When the effect ends, the humanoid's flee rating returns to normal. Creatures, undead, Daedra, and artifacts are not affected."
―In-game description.[src]

Demoralize Humanoid is a Mysticism spell and effect in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that raises the flee rating which determines whether a humanoid target will flee from combat. The opposite of this effect, lowering the flee rating, is Rally Humanoid.


The reason for an enemy to flee from combat can be tactical considerations, such as the character standing on an inaccessible place and shooting arrows or casting spells, levitating, or simply because the character's fighting style favors staying out of melee range.


The following characters sell this spell:


  • Demoralize Humanoid was supposed to be an Illusion magic effect, and its icon is colored the same as other Illusion magic effects, such as Demoralize Creature. However, the game settings erroneously classifies it as Mysticism magic effect.


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