"Can't say I know anything myself, but I heard that Newheim the Portly has some things stolen, and he's been asking around about it. Ask him."
―Citizens of Anvil[src]

Den of Thieves is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Azzan has got some more thieves for the Hero to deal with near Anvil, he also sends Maglir with them.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speaking to the people in Anvil, they'll direct the Hero to Newheim the Portly, who will give the thieves' location at Hrota Cave. Apparently, Newheim also had an heirloom stolen by those thieves, so it is recommended to continue to talk to him about it, activating the quest "Newheim's Flagon."

Head to Hrota Cave. There are eight Bosmer bandits in the cave; kill them all. They all wear and use leveled armor and weapons:

Don't forget to pick up the Newheim's Flagon on a table in the pit of the largest room at the end of the cave. Now return to Newheim to hand him his Flagon, and then return to Azzan for the reward.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest from Azzan:

Azzan has given me a contract to find the lair of some thieves near Anvil. I am to travel with another fairly new recruit, Maglir. I should go to Anvil first and see what information I can learn about the thieves.

  • Update: After having people suggest you speak to Newheim:

People in Anvil have suggested I speak with Newheim the Portly. He apparently had some goods stolen by the thieves.

  • Update: After having spoke with Newheim:

Newheim has told me that the thieves are all Bosmer and may be located in Hrota Cave, north of the city of Anvil. Maglir and I should travel there and take care of them.

  • Update: Once Hrota Cave has been cleared:

Maglir and I have succeeded in clearing Hrota Cave of all of the thieves living there. I should return to Azzan for payment of the contract.

  • Update: After reporting back to Azzan:

Azzan was pleased with our efforts, and has paid the contract.

  • Quest complete

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