"Watch your feet. Don't want to end up with pig droppings on them shoes of yours."
―Denskar Earth-Turner[src]

Denskar Earth-Turner is a Nord chef residing in Bleakrock Village, along with his wife, Aera, and his two kids, Trynhild and Littrek. He is forced to leave the island with the rest of the residents and relocate to Bal Foyen after the village is ransacked by Daggerfall Covenant forces.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Escape from Bleakrock[edit | edit source]

The Daggerfall Covenant has assaulted Bleakrock Village, and Captain Rana has sent the surviving refugees to Last Rest, a tomb near the town. Rana and the Vestige must clear it of draugr to make it safe for the refugees to sleep there.

Sparking the Flame[edit | edit source]


Zeren in Peril[edit | edit source]


Quotes[edit | edit source]

Zeren in Peril
  • "Watch your form there, son. Hold the sword higher, over your heart. And take care during the battle, friend." – Before the battle
  • "You did well, Littrek. And you, as well, my friend. Thank you." – After aiding him
  • "After all we lost at Bleakrock, it means so much to be able to cheer. Victory for the Pact!" – After the battle

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