Derelict Mine is a large silver mine located northeast of Skingrad, on the Gold Road to the Imperial City. It contains goblins, chests, and some silver veins. Wisp Stalks and Cairn Boletes are also found inside, as with many other caves and mines.


The first level in the mine is divided into two areas, so to reach the second area the Hero has to go through the mine tunnels. The bones of a baby can be found in the alcove in the wall if they keep going further down the mine (the room with four skulls on the spears and a chest).

In the deepest room, there are many goblins from different clans fighting each other.


  • Derelict Mine
  • Derelict Mine Tunnels

Notable itemsEdit

Goblin clansEdit

  • Sharp Tooth Goblins
  • White Skin Goblins


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