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Derkeethus is an Argonian found in Darkwater Pass, where he is being held captive by the Falmer.

He becomes a follower once he is rescued from Darkwater Pass, and a potential marriage candidate. He can also be recruited to the Blades if the Dragonborn talks to Delphine while he is a follower.


Derkeethus is a miner of Goldenrock Mine, in Darkwater Crossing. He is mentioned by Sondas Drenim, who said: "Those falls... dangerous place. Derkeethus thought he could find some good fish in the pools. Haven't heard from him in a long while." indicating that he is missing. Hrefna also says to the Dragonborn that he used to take her diving deep in the river, and that she misses him.



Extracting an Argonian[]

If one speaks to the residents of Darkwater Crossing, they will mention that Derkeethus explored the pools above the falls, and that he has not been heard from in a long time. One will discover Darkwater Pass if the Dragonborn travels to the spot mentioned.

After freeing him, he can be recruited as a follower. If not, Derkeethus will eventually return to Darkwater Crossing.


Initially after finding Derkeethus, he is dressed as a miner, even with a pickaxe. Any armor put on Derkeethus will be overridden by his initial gear (miner's clothes, boots). This will be changed with the installation of Dawnguard however, and he will now wear any armor given to him.

His highest skills are Light Armor and Archery, but has some skill in Block, One-Handed, and Sneak. He will dual wield a one-handed weapon with his pickaxe but favors the bow.


Derkeethus becomes eligible for marriage after rescuing him, and will run a shop as a marriage partner.


Extracting an Argonian[]

"You have questions?"

Who are you? "Derkeethus, from Darkwater Crossing. Should have known better than to swim all the way to the falls. Please, get me out of here!"

After freeing Derkeethus:

"Thanks. I'm out!"


  • Derkeethus is the only Argonian follower in Skyrim.


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  • When freeing Derkeethus, stand on the metal grate on the second floor directly above him in Darkwater Pass where he can be seen in his prison. Stay there and wait for at least one hour, and he will dislodge from his prison and stand above the grate.
  • Rarely, if knocked out and limping, Derkeethus will regain full health, but stay on the ground. This can be fixed by harming him again until he is back at no health, as he will get up the second time.
  • If equipped with a Dragon Priest Mask, it is possible that the mask will get lost.
  • Derkeethus may refuse to equip a different bow, even when given a Daedric bow, he will only use his hunting bow. To get around this, part ways with him and quickly pickpocket all of his weapons. Then, the Dragonborn should allow Derkeethus to follow them and give him whichever bow they wish for him to use, and he will use it.
    • Another remedy to the hunting bow bug (only tested on Xbox with Kinect update) is to assign the new bow and arrows the Dragonborn wants to give to Derkeethus to their own favorites, this will then carry over when given to him making him equip and use them. However, if told to part ways he will re-equip his original hunting bow and arrows; this can be remedied by removing the bow and arrows he was given from his inventory then repeating the first step.
    • If Derkeethus' hunting bow is removed from his inventory, it may still be visible on his back, despite there being no bow in his inventory.
  • During the wedding or after marrying Derkeethus, if he moves in with the player, he will run to Darkwater Crossing every day, often returning late, sometimes not at all. This is most common if one is living in Proudspire Manor, Windstad Manor or Vlindrel Hall, which are rather far away.
    •  PC   360   PS3   If Derkeethus is asked to move in with the Dragonborn, he will agree, but will not move to their house. Instead, he will appear to start walking there, but will get "lost" and not reside anywhere unless asked to move again. There is no fix for this.
  • If given an Ancient Shrouded Cowl, it will not appear that Derkeethus is wearing it, but it will still appear that he has it equipped in his inventory. This does not work with the regular Shrouded Cowl.
  • Sometimes, the people of Darkwater Crossing will mention Derkeethus' disappearance, but there will be no dialogue option to start the quest. This will not affect the quest in any way, and it will still be doable.
  • If Derkeethus is recruited into the Blades, he may not reside at Sky Haven Temple and may not show up at dragon fights unless he is the Dragonborn's current follower.
  • When rescuing Derkeethus, it is possible for him to fail to emerge from Darkwater Pass. If the area is left and reentered, he will return to his cage and will slowly follow the Dragonborn if in close proximity, but will still not leave the area. This will render him unable to be fully rescued or recruited and the quest will remain incomplete (still confirmed as of 1.7 update). A possible solution to this is to leave at the upper entrance to Darkwater Pass (confirmed as of 1.7).
    • This fix may not work. If this is the case, Derkeethus must be kept in close visual range, otherwise he will back-track all the way up the tunnels to the top entrance.
    •  PC (Fix)   Exit the cave using either exit. Target Derkeethus using the console. Enter the console command moveto player. Derkeethus will be moved to the Dragonborn outside. Talk to him for quest completion.
    • Try resetting the game to a save before going in the cave, then clear the cave completely out and then release him.confirmation needed
    •  PS3 (Fix)   After starting the quest to free Derkeethus, leave through the quest-marked door and he should emerge outside. Talk to him before he goes back inside and the quest should complete.
  • If Derkeethus is currently not a follower, and is attacked to the point where he is grounded, he will get up and start running back to Darkwater Crossing. He can be stopped if he is caught up to and talked to.
  • Derkeethus will say quotes from random NPCs, i.e. if he is grounded he may say "I yield! I yield!" with the voice of a Dunmer, and so on.
  • Upon certain circumstances, the items one will have given Derkeethus may disappear permanently and reappear with his original inventory. This is known to have occurred after marriage and after he joins the Blades. This can be fixed by reloading an older save and taking the items back to give to him afterward.
  • According to the Creation Kit, after Hearthfire is installed, there is steward dialogue for the male Argonian voice, implying Derkeethus is eligible to become a steward, but the dialogue does not show up regardless of which of the three homes in Hearthfire he is brought to.
  •  360   When recruiting Derkeethus at Darkwater Crossing at night while he is asleep, he will say he will follow but instead will get up and then go to sleep again.
    •  360 (Fix)   Wait until day then recruit him again.