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"The fertile valleys of Deshaan are home to lush fungal forests, deep kwama mines, and broad pastures where netches and guar graze. But all pales before the magnificence of Mournhold, home of the Tribunal and capital of the Ebonheart Pact."
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Deshaan is the southern zone of Morrowind bordering Shadowfen in Black Marsh. Its fertile, ash-enriched plains surround the Tribunal Temple, the center of Dunmeri culture. A significant portion of Ashlanders can be found in the south and center of the zone, such as in Muth Gnaar and Ghost-Snake Vale.

The city of Mournhold is located in Deshaan, the center of Dunmeri culture, the location of the Tribunal Temple, and the capital of the Ebonheart Pact, as well as the capital of Morrowind.

An Akaviri army entered Deshaan in 2E 572 in the hopes of sacking Mournhold. However, they were met by an army led by Almalexia herself and were driven back to Stonefalls. As the battle raged on, a Nord army led by Wulfharth the Ash-King and Jorunn the Skald-King caught up with the invaders and hoped to take revenge on the Akaviri for sacking the city of Windhelm. This was the first time a Nord army had entered Morrowind since the Battle of Red Mountain.

A fourth army of Argonian Shellbacks led by a trio of Argonian battlemages entered the fray, and the three combined armies drove the Akaviri led by Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal into the sea near the city of Ebonheart, where they drowned by the thousands.

The group dungeon Darkshade Caverns is located in the southeast of Deshaan.

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