Dest is a character who appears in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City. He was an Umbrielian working in Qijne's kitchen.[1]


Dest is described as a a hulking ogrelike fellow, with black and yellow fur. He was one of the most dangerous-looking cooks in Qijne's kitchen.[1]


Fourth EraEdit

Toel and his kitchen invaded Qijne's kitchen in order to kidnap Annaïg and use her culinary knowledge for his own purposes. After a pair of explosion, the workers of the kitchens started to scream and run. Annaïg did not understand what was happening until Qijne appeared. She was followed by Slyr and other armed cookers. Qijne ordered her men to protect Annaïg, and they trotted through high-chambered rooms Annaïg had never seen.

Slyr explaind Annaïg they were being invaded by another kitchen. After they climbed some stairs, they reached a room protected by a massive iron valve. Once they were all inside, Dest closed and sealed it. Toel's men eventually managed to break in. They killed everyone in the room except for Annaïg and Slyr.



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