Detritus is a demi-plane of Oblivion that is ruled by Hollowjack, the Lord of Mortal Fears. Detritus is a "half-world" filled with untold nightmares and dread. The realms of Detritus is inhabited by Pumpkin Spectres, which have been also called Pumpkin Daemons, giving the implication that they are Daedra. Every year on the 13th of Frost Fall, which is commonly known as the Witches' Festival, the bridge between Nirn and Detritus open. All sorts of things from Detritus, such as ghouls and trinkets come flooding into Tamriel, such as Flaming Daedric-Skulls, Wraith-Lanterns, and even Daedric Skull-Wolves. Originating from Detritus is Hollowjack Armor, which is crafted using Pumpkins, Black Hawthorn, and Amber Marble.[1][2][3]




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