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"Dimhollow Crypt. Brother Adalvald was sure it held some long lost vampire artifact of some kind."

Dimhollow Crypt is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is located directly north of The Lord Stone, and northeast of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. It can easily be accessed by heading up a worn path up the mountainside near the Hall of the Vigilant. The cave is inhabited by vampires, skeletons, Death Hounds, a colony of frostbite spiders, various draugr and gargoyles.

Sub locations[]

Dimhollow Cavern[]

  • A word for Drain Vitality is on the Word Wall in the large chamber entered after finding Serana.
  • There is a small puzzle to solve before waking Serana. Push the silver torch sconces in the floor to various positions until the purple fire ignites within each one. 
  • Due to the darkness of the area, torches or Candlelight/Magelight may be needed to see everything, both in the pool area, crypt with the lever, and the word wall location. There are lots of little hidden areas that contain ore veins or treasure caches. 
  • Serana will not carry anything for the Dragonborn at first. She will do that only after the Dragonborn escorts her home and meets her later inside Fort Dawnguard.
  • There is also an arcane enchanter and alchemy lab inside.
  • Inside the draugr crypt, there are a few gated passageways opened by a chain that lead to some potions, a leveled draugr, and a master-locked chest. Torches magically ignite and illuminate the room when the gates are opened.



The Dragonborn is sent to investigate what the vampires who attacked the Hall of the Vigilant were seeking. If this location is entered before accepting the quest, a large boulder will be blocking the iron gate that leads into the rest of the cave system.

Trouble in Skyrim[]

Dimhollow Crypt is one of the possible locations of the Companions radiant quest Trouble in Skyrim. It cannot be completed however unless one starts the Awakening quest, due to the Dungeon being locked out from the entrance and the exit beforehand.

Word Wall[]

Thu'um Dragon Language
Transliteration Translation
Drain Vitality (Dawnguard)
Locations: Dimhollow Crypt
GaaN H.svgE.svgT.svgSpacer.pngN.svgO.svgK.svgSpacer.pngK.svgO.svgP.svgR.svgAa.svgN.svgSpacer.pngD.svgO.svgSpacer.pngZ.svgV.svgA.svgL.svgA.svg
Here lies (the) body of Zvala
Who possess (the) strength to kill
dragon but not stamina to
kill many


There are eight malachite ore veins that can be found in Dimhollow Crypt; four veins around sides of circular platform room, and four others around sides of the arena room with a word wall.

Notable items[]



  • If Serana is brought back to Dimhollow Crypt at any time after initially leaving, she will still speak as though she has just woken.
  • If entered before the quest "Awakening" is started, the only enemies will be three ice wolves.
  • Using a sneak attack, it is possible to defeat the Dragon Priest (in the room with the Word Wall) before he wakes up. To accomplish this, one must clear the two rooms before making her a follower.
  • Sneaking next to the gargoyles found after the puzzle room before finishing the puzzle will allow the Dragonborn to level their Sneak skill.


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  • Vigilant Tolan may be alive next to his corpse.
  • It may be impossible to speak to Serana.
  •  360   The crypt will fail to load completely, resulting in an infinite loading screen.