Dinieras-Ves, nicknamed "the Iron," was an Tsaesci, Akaviri. He founded the Syffim, an organization of former Akaviri warriors. This would later become known as the Fighters Guild, after the introduction of the Guilds Act.[1]

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In 2E 320, Dinieras-Ves presented himself along with a host of companions to his Tsaesci kinsman, Versidue Shaie. Versidue-Shaie was at the time Potentate of Cyrodiil who was faced with a crumbling empire and constant revolts, which had led the treasury empty and the army all but disintegrated. Dinieras-Ves suggested to the Potentate that he would form a mercantile army, to be rented by the nobility, the Potentate would receive a fraction of the profits as well as be spared the necessity of a standing army. This was, however, a temporary solution.[1]

Dinieras-Ves "the Iron" initially believed that the entirety of the order should be composed of Akaviri. This belief of his is not disputed by any historian, though his motivation is often debated. The traditional, simple explanation is that he knew his countrymen well, trusted them, and felt that their tradition of fighting for profit would be of use. Others believe, with reason, that he and the Potentate sought to use the order to effectively complete the conquest of Tamriel begun over five hundred years earlier. When Akavir attacked Tamriel in the 2703rd year of the 1st era, they had been beaten back by the Reman Dynasty. Now they had a Potentate on the throne, and with Dinieras-Ves's machinations, the local armies would also be Akaviri.[1]

After only a year in existence, the Syffim had been largely successful in dealing with the widespread chaos and brigands across the empire. As a result, Dinieras-Ves expanded the order and opened it up to new, local members to join. By 321, the Syffim had largely been effective in restoring order to the empire. Following the Guilds Act, the Syffim was renamed to the Fighters Guild, as it had already popularly been known as. Following Versidue-Shaie's death by assassination by the Morag Tong in the year 2E 324, his successor, Savirien Chorak reformed the empire's army, thus the necessity of Dinieras-Ves' only 4-year-old guild was no longer prevalent to the empire.[1]

It is unknown what specifically happened to Dinieras-Ves following the Guild Act, presumably heading the guild for the rest of his life. The Fighters Guild had already established themselves well within Tamriel, embodying the value of seeking your own fortune, it is due to this legendary reputation, of both the guild and himself, Dinieras-Ves is believed to be the ancestor in spirit of the modern phenomenon of the Adventurer, those men and women who dedicate their lives to questing for fame and fortune.[1]

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