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The Direnni Tower, also known as the Adamantine Tower,[1] Ada-Mantia,[2][UL 1] Ur-Tower,[3][UL 1] Tower Zero,[4] and House of We by the Aedra,[UL 2] is believed to be the oldest building in Tamriel, if not the entirety of Nirn.[1] It is believed to have been built by the Aedra soon after the creation of Mundus, around ME 2500.[5][6] The structure became known as Direnni Tower in honor of the Direnni Clan, and is located on the Isle of Balfiera. The Direnni Tower has the Zero Stone located within.[7][8] Every mature member of the Direnni Bloodline is allowed to touch this stone once.[8]

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Convention was an event that ended the Dawn Era and signaled the start of the Merethic Era.[5] This occurred when Akatosh created the Adamantine Tower in order to convene with the Aedra and decide the punishment for Lorkhan, who tricked them into creating Mundus.[9]

The Aedra punished Lorkhan by removing his heart, however the heart was tied to the existence of Nirn. Auri-El and Trinimac, after a failed attempt to destroy the heart, tied it to an arrow and shot it into the sea in east. Where the heart landed formed the Red Mountain, and the island of Vvardenfell rose around the volcano.[10]

Direnni influence[]

Sometime after the events at the beginning of the Merethic Era, the Direnni Clan decided to use the tower located in the Isle of Balfiera. Many Dirennis were famous, and the clan has lived in this tower for many centuries.[11] Later, it was renamed as the Direnni Tower, in honor of the clan.[11][12]


The Adamantine Tower during Mynisera's curse in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Some time prior to 3E 405, King Lysandus's wife, Queen Mynisera, banished the court sorceress Medora Direnni from Daggerfall after she discovered Lysandus was having an affair with her. Knowing Medora would return to Direnni Tower, Mynisera then cursed it to trap Medora so that she would never be able to leave. After the curse was lifted by the Hero of Daggerfall in 3E 405, they saved Medora and restored the Direnni Tower to its original state.[12]




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