This article is about the event. For the book, please see Report: Disaster at Ionith.

The Disaster of Ionith was the name given to the final battle of Uriel Septim V's unsuccessful attempt to invade Akavir.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Throughout the 270s of the Third Era, Uriel Septim V conquered the islands of Roscrea, CathnoqueyYneslea and Esroniet.[1] The invasion of Akavir began in 3E 288, and the two invading legions initially met little resistance. Ionith itself was the renamed second city taken in the invasion, and served as the headquarters of the campaign.[2]

Unable to bring the Tsaesci to a decisive battle or establish diplomatic contact, the war dragged on into the winter of 288, which had unusually strong storms, which wiped out much of the Imperial fleet.[2]

Destruction of the Expeditionary Force[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic contact with the Tsaesci was established during the winter months, and the remainder of the Imperial fleet was dispatched to Tamriel to secure supplies, along with the majority of the Imperial Battle Mages present in the expeditionary force. The decision was made at this point to not transport part of the Legions present on Akavir (or the Emperor) back to Tamriel, in order to preserve troop morale.[2]

Following a sortie of the legions from Ionith, the Tsaesci are reported to have marched on the town, forcing Uriel to return to Ionith to mount a defensive siege and unable to bring more reinforcements from Tamriel due to continuing storms, held at bay by the Battle Mage corps. The emperor was able to break the siege and bring a remnant of the legions back to the port of Septima to return to Tamriel, but was himself killed commanding the rearguard before reaching the port.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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