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Disease Carrier is a Tribunal Temple quest available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Speak with Endryn Llethan.
  2. Head to the Arena Canton in Vivec City.
  3. Return to Llethan


Once the Nerevarine has completed the "Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces," they will have been inducted into the Tribunal Temple. Speaking with Endryn Llethan in the Temple in Vivec will reveal that he has a task for the Nerevarine to complete. Llethan knows of a pilgrim, Tanusea Veloth, whom has been infected with the "Divine Disease" known as Corprus. The Nerevarine is tasked with persuading Veloth to leave the city of Vivec before the disease can spread.

An Infected PilgrimEdit

It appears the Veloth has segregated herself from the rest of Vivec, being found in the pit of the Arena alone. The Nerevarine will have to raise her disposition above 80 before they can persuade her to leave, which can be done in one of two ways. The Nerevarine can either ask her to leave as a favour to them, or quote from Saryoni's Sermons (if they happen to have a copy of them in their inventory) to persuade her to move on. A third method available to the Nerevarine is to simply kill her.

Once Veloth has gone from Vivec, the Nerevarine may return to Llethan to receive their reward, two potions of cure Blight Disease.


Disease Carrier – TT_DiseaseCarrier
IDJournal Entry
10Endryn Llethan asked me to speak with the holy pilgrim Tanusea Veloth. She has Corprus disease and may spread it to others here in Vivec, but she is blessed by Almalexia and does not suffer from the disease. I must find her and convince her to go to the Corprusarium.
  • Quest accepted
30Tanusea Veloth refused to leave Vivec City. She does not believe that I am pious enough.
40I saw no other recourse but to kill Tanusea Veloth. The temple has lost a kind soul.
50I convinced Tanusea Veloth with quotes from the sacred texts of the Temple. She agreed to go to the Corprusarium.
100Endryn Llethan thanked me for convincing Tanusea Veloth to go to the Corprusarium.
  • Quest completed
110Endryn Llethan thanked me for killing Tanusea Veloth and preventing the spread of the Divine Disease.
  • Quest completed


  • Veloth (if not killed) may be found in Tel Fyr after this quest.
  • If Veloth is killed, the Nerevarine will still receive the reputation boosts but forgo the rewards.


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  • Veloth may not appear in the Arena.
  • The Nerevarine may contract Corprus from her corpse, a form which cannot be cured by Divayth Fyr.

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