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Diseases are similar to curses. The only difference is a disease damages Strength, Endurance, and makes Health slowly reduce, until one of them reaches zero. At that point death will occur. Diseases can be cured with spells and potions. Diseases, unlike other damaging effects slowly degrade whatever they normally attack.

NameDamage/dayStats affectedHealing timeTransmitted by
Witch Pox2-10Strength, Endurance, HealthPermanentMage
Plague5-30All except Intelligence (Health ×2)PermanentMage, Rat, Ghoul, Zombie
Yellow Fever5-10Will, Endurance, HealthPermanentMage, Ghoul, Zombie
Stomach Rot1-5HealthPermanentRat, Ghoul, Zombie
Consumption2-10Will, Agility, StrengthPermanentMage, Rat, Ghoul, Zombie
Brain Fever1-5Will, Personality, HealthPermanentMage, Rat, Ghoul, Zombie
Swamp Rot2-10Will, Agility, StrengthPermanentRat, Zombie
Calirons Curse1-5Strength, Speed, Agility3-18 daysMage
Cholera2-10All (Health ×2)PermanentRat, Ghoul, Zombie
Leprosy5-10All (Health ×2)PermanentMage, Rat, Ghoul, Zombie
Wound Rot5-30Strength, Endurance, HealthPermanentMage, Vampire
Red Death2-10Endurance, Personality, FatiguePermanent Mage, Rat, Ghoul
Blood Rot2-4Personality, Will, Health3-18 daysMage, Vampire
Typhoid Fever2-10Intelligence, Endurance, HealthPermanentGhoul
Dementia5-10Intelligence, Will, PersonalityPermanentMage
Chrondiasis1-2Intelligence, Spell PointsPermanentMage
Wizard Fever2-10Intelligence, Spell Points3-18 daysMage

Curing diseasesEdit

There are a few ways to cure a disease:

  1. Using a spell Cure Disease
    1. This spell can be bought from the Mages Guild.
    2. It can also be created at the Spellmaker.
  2. Drinking a cure disease potion.
    1. Cure Disease potions can be bought from the Mages Guild.
    2. These potions can be found in dungeons as well.
  3. Getting a cure in the nearest temple.

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