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Disease can be found almost everywhere in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Any disease will continually do damage until it has been cured or the victim has died. Below is a list of all the diseases in Daggerfall.


Name Effect
Blood Rot Drains willpower and personality
Brain Fever Drains willpower and personality
Caliron's Curse Drains strength, speed and agility
Cholera Drains all attributes
Chrondiasis Drains intelligence
Consumption Drains willpower, agility and strength
Dementia Drains intelligence, willpower and personality
Leprosy Drains all attributes
Plague Drains all attributes apart from intelligence
Red Death Drains endurance and personality
Stomach Rot Decrease small amounts of health over time.
Swamp Rot Drains willpower, agility and strength
Typhoid Fever Drains intelligence and endurance
Witches' Pox Drains strength and endurance
Wizard Fever Drains intelligence
Wound Rot Drains strength and endurance
Yellow Fever Drains endurance, willpower and personality

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