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Disguised in quest

A disguise being used to eavesdrop while remaining inconspicuous during a quest.

For other uses, see Disguise.

Disguise is a mechanic in Online. The disguise mechanic allows players to equip an item that changes their appearance. This can be used for purposes such as costuming, or infiltrating an enemy camp. Disguises are required on a number of different quests, or make the quest easier.

For example, the quest, A Hostile Situation, requires the character to dress as a First Auridon Marine in order to pass through an area. It is not possible to progress with this quest unless this is done.

Aldmeri Dominion DisguisesEdit

Colovian UniformEdit

Courier UniformEdit

Hollow Moon GarbEdit

Kollopi EssenceEdit

Phaer Mercenary DisguiseEdit

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance DisguiseEdit

Sea Viper ArmorEdit

Steel Shrike ArmorEdit

Vulkhel Guard Marine DisguiseEdit

Daggerfall Covenant DisguisesEdit

Bloodthorn DisguiseEdit

Crown DishdashaEdit

Forebear DishdashaEdit

Hallin's Stand Seventh Legion DisguiseEdit

Imperial DisguiseEdit

Midnight Union DisguiseEdit

Pirate DisguiseEdit

Red Rook Bandit DisguiseEdit

Seadrake DisguiseEdit

Servant's RobesEdit

Ebonheart Pact DisguisesEdit

Fort Amol Guard DisguiseEdit

Frostedge Bandit DisguiseEdit

Keeper's GarbEdit

Northwind DisguiseEdit

Shadowsilk GemEdit

Stormfist DisguiseEdit

Vanguard UniformEdit


Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Aldmeri DominionEdit


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