Disorganized Crime is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The hostages need a clear path to escape the wolves and the Red Rook Bandits. The Vestige must distract the bandits so they can go free out of the house.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Continue to talk to Lord Arcady Noellaume
  2. Find the Hunting Horn
  3. Burn the Longboat
  4. Burn the Archery Platform
  5. Disarm five Red Rook traps
  6. Talk to Captain Farlivere
  7. Complete the quest


Continue to talk to the lord and he will say the bandits came by boat. Ingenious, really. Slip in from the water, strike caravans on the road and then sail away. But the guard showed up and now the bandits have set traps on my estate. Clear those traps or it will be too dangerous for us to leave. Take my hunting horn upstairs, then clear the traps and create a diversion. Set something on fire so the bandits will be busy so they don't notice us. Sound the horn to signal when it's safe, meanwhile he'll untie the others, Lady Eloise Noellaume, Amelie Malanie, Roland Edier and Melina Edier.

Untie the lord and then head upstairs to fine the horn. Then leave the house and follow the markers to disarm the traps and set the longboat and the archery platform on fire. Signal the horn so the nobles can escape. There are both wolves and bandits to fight if they notice the Vestige. Use another Red Rook uniform for disguise if necessary.

Once finished, head back to Captain Farlivere to report on the progress. She is pleased it all went well and rewards them with a Daggerfall Guard Tabard and some GoldIcon.


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