Not to be confused with Divad Hunding or Divad Hunding (HoonDing).

Divad Hunding is the son of Frandar do Hunding Hel Ansei No Shira.[1]

When the Vestige went to The Valley of Blades ancestral crypt in Hammefell to find the Amulet of Kings, Mannimarco raised Divad Hunding's skeleton to stop the Vestige.[2]

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Valley of Blades[edit | edit source]


Trials and Tribulations[edit | edit source]


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Trials and Tribulations

"I sense great determination in you, living one, but very few of the living are foolish enough to trespass in these hallowed halls. Even fewer are foolish enough to seek entrance into the Chamber of Passage. This is your intention though, is it not?"

Yes, and your father has given me his blessing. "Then you have already achieved in life that which gave me great difficulty. My father's influence, though, was only one aspect of what guided my life's purpose. In truth, it was my mother's role, the sacrifice she made, that defined my destiny."
What sacrifice did your mother make? "When Emperor Hira's soldiers came to arrest me, they struck my mother and she was slain. It wasn't until that moment I embraced the way of the sword. To earn my blessing, light the braziers in the chamber above in the colors to honor her sacrifice."
All right. How do I light the braziers? "You'll find the braziers are already lit. You must simply cycle through the colors on each brazier to match the memory of my mother's final moments. It's getting the colors in the correct order that matters."
How do I know the order of the colors? "Turn and observe the moment of my mother's sacrifice. Remember it as I do. Take it into your heart and light the fires of my memory."
I'll light the braziers in the colors of your memory.

If approached again:

"Honor my mother's sacrifice and you will earn my blessing."

After lighting the braziers:

"Thank you for honoring my mother's memory. You have my blessing. Now you must seek out Makela Leki."

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References[edit | edit source]

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